Kitchen Lighting Dos and Don'ts

The kitchen is arguably the most used room in the home, so it’s easy to understand why lighting is vital to creating a warm and inviting space perfect for people to gather. No matter what your preferred design aesthetic, there are some universal dos and don’ts of kitchen lighting to consider.

Warm, layered light in a traditional kitchen and dining room.

DO layer the lighting to create an even feel and minimize shadows. All lighting must work together to create an evenness in the space.

DON’T over install recessed down lights. This is an all too common mistake that will quickly turn the kitchen from a favorite room to an uninviting, cave-like space.

DO consider function as well as form. Well planned task lighting is an essential part of kitchen lighting design. 

A large kitchen island with a wide set custom pendant light.

DON’T forget that your kitchen is a unique space with a specific set of characteristics. A standard fixture that works in one home may not work as well in another. Custom fixtures are a great way to ensure that your lighting works perfectly in your space. 

DO think about focal points. Pendants lights, even chandeliers, over the kitchen island is often the best way to create visual impact. 

Wrought iron pendants creating a focal point in a French country kitchen.