Caring for Your Wrought Iron Fixtures

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Wrought iron is a favorite material for exterior lighting, interior lighting and decorative elements. When cared for properly, this durable material can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Below are some simple tips on upkeep for your iron fixtures. By following these guidelines, you will enjoy your fixtures for generations.

Gently clean the fixture. Wipe the fixture down with some gentle, gentle cleaner and water using a cloth. After the fixture is clean of debris, make sure you dry it complete to avoid rusting. Removing any dust or debris will allow you to inspect and potential wear and tear. It is important to make sure your light is off and the bulb is removed before beginning the process. 

Inspect the fixture for rust or wear and tear. Indoor fixtures can generally be restored to good as new with a simple cleaning but outdoor fixtures often need a little more TLC. Take a close look at your fixture. If you see areas were the finish has been compromised, you may need to do a quick touch up.

Touch up the fixture.  Begin by removing any stubborn debris loose finish gently with a brush. After the area you want to touch up is smooth and dirt free, give it a light coat of finish. We can provide touch up finish to any of our fixtures. Just give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

A word about coastal climates. Iron's worst enemy is moisture. If you plan on installing your fixture in areas with an excessive amount of moisture or in coastal areas, we suggest opting for a marine coat when purchasing your fixture. This coat, applied underneath the finish, will offer added protection to your fixture for years to come. 

Did you know? Our fixtures undergo an 8 step finishing process, hand applied by expert craftsmen. This not only ensures a richness and depth, but also protection to the iron itself.